Door Technology

The innovative door design combines dynamism with elegance and allows the integration of the door to the architecture of your building.

  • Robust door profiles give a sense of protection and security.
  • Exceptional thermal insulation performance due to the multi chamber polyamides used in door profiles.
  • The co-planed surfaces of sash and frame of the door give to the construction an exclusive and harmonious appearance.
  • Large-scale doors are feasible, as height and width restrictions are eliminated.
  • The profile-integrated door hinges do not interfere with the design of the door, providing the perfect synthesis of design, security and durability.
  • The Recall mechanism with movement stabilizer, stops the movement of the door gently and silently or keeps it steady effortlessly.

Door Locks

HOB DOORS offer advanced locking systems and fitting options to individually customize your new entrance door to your own personal security needs.

They offer components with resistance class WK2 & WK3 so that that ensure maximum security of your property.

  • 3-points Lock: offers high protection against break-in attempts with WK2 security class.
  • 5-points Lock: for increased security.
  • 17-points Lock: It offers maximum protection against break-in attempts. As soon as the door is closed, it automatically locks the door at several points without any need for a key. Automatic electronic access of by the use of fingerprint device, Digital Touchpad or Bluetooth.


HOB doors are equipped with a wide range of attractive and technologically advanced accessories.

  • Fingerprint device is both modern and practical Using a fingerprint lock is a simple and highly secure way to access doors and protect your assets from unauthorised staff or visitors.
  • The Bluetooth device gives you the option to lock your door with your mobile phone device.
  • The touchpad device gives you the option to lock or unlock your entrance door with your own security code. The discreet led light provide comfort during night.
  • Exterior innovative Handles offer high aesthetics.
  • External Flush handle which maintains co-planarity of surfaces. The handle can optionally be illuminated by LED technology.

Thermal Insulation

HOB doors are equipped with a wide range of attractive and technologically advanced accessories.

HOB Doors innovative design guarantees highest insulation values in any weather conditions.

The system uses special anti-distortion polyamides that provide thermal break to the system, which in combination with the polyurethane core achieve optimal thermal insulation.


HOB Doors 3 level sealing with the use of 3 specially designed EPDM gaskets in Frame, Sash and threshold provides outstanding system properties in terms of air- and watertightness.