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There is a wide variety of HOB DOORS door designs that give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively and choose the ideal style for your own property.

Choosing among many options such as linear design, inox decoration, glazing application and anodizing, you are able to synthesize a great result for the entrance you are imagining.

Three-dimensional wood texture patterns

New door paneling materials with a real sense of natural wood in different shades and with imaginative three-dimensional textures, such as "concrete", "fabric" or "leather".

See 3D patterns

Structural Glazing Door Lining

Τhe door is fitted with a 44.1mm safety glass, which is a core element of the door since it covers the entire inner and outer surface of the sash. This way the door offers transparency, a beautiful design as well as a completely sturdy structure.

Furthermore, the use of ceramic colours in combination with digital prints makes possible the choice between multiple glass designs. The beautiful design, however, does not compromise the structural qualities of the door as it also provides great insulation and security.

Carbon Fiber Door Lining

It is not by chance that carbon fiber is considered as the ‘New Black’ in modern design, while its amazing strength to weight ratio and uniqueness of texture, render it irreplaceable.

Utilized for the first time in architectural applications, after aerospace automotive engineering by Alumil Group consists a global novelty and provides a new level of elegance and design.