EXCLUSIVE DOOR is an innovative interior door product. The pioneering aluminum sash allows for the adoption of innovative materials on the surface of the door, thus giving freedom to architectural design and functionality.

EXCLUSIVE DOOR is available with aluminum frame, hidden hinges and magnetic lock. It can be produced up to 3 meters, ensuring the satisfaction of the modern requirements of the interior architecture.


Interior doors Linear system has a modern design and is characterized by the simplicity of the lines. Hidden hinges of the door leaf and split aluminum frame divided in width, makes Linear door installation possible in any type of building. It is available in plenty of materials, designs and colors.


The Suite Series is an innovative interior door product that offers simplicity and co-planar surfaces between the wall – frame and sash. The opening direction of the door can be both inside and outside.

SUITE DOORS are manufactured with minimal aluminum frame and absolutely invisible hinges. They are ideal for large scale doors and can be produced up to a height of 3 meters, making the system unique in aesthetic, since all its visible elements are concealed and incorporated into the wall.